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18T Forklift Loader MGM957

Product Introduction: forklift loader with 18T capacity.


●By virtue of past experiences, MinGong designs forklift loader horizontal frame especially for stone industry, which is made of thickened steel plate and has load & torsion resistance and overall firmness to adapt to various severe working conditions.
●Large-torque high-load drive system designed especially for forklift loader has increased drive Q axle, enlarged hub and gear bearing dimensions, increased load capacity and strengthened load reliability of complete machine.
●The braking system with automatic air-cutoff protection function can effectively protect the safety of the driver and the equipment in emergency.
●Efficient energy-saving dual pump converging hydraulic system is completely matched with the engine and the torque converter to realize stable and comfortable operation and reduce fuel oil consumption.
●Turning rubber cushion design can effectively protect frame hinge, reduce frame loss and realize shock absorption for driving comfort improvement.
●Wide comfortable cab conforms to ergonomic operation arrangement to realize easy driving and convenient operation.
●Pallet fork made of integrated quenched blade plate has high strength and strong wear resistance.



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