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28T Forklift Loader MGM975

Product Introduction: Forklift loader with 28T capacity.


●By virtue of past experiences, MinGong designs forklift loader horizontal frame especially for stone industry, which is made of thickened steel plate and has load & torsion resistance and overall firmness to adapt to various severe working conditions.
●MICO full-hydraulic braking system imported from US and emergency shutdown system with power cutoff function are configured with automatic energy storage system for effectively protecting the safety of the driver and the equipment in emergency.
●For the large-torque high-load drive system, the dual-turbine hydraulic torque converter is matched with the powerful shift planetary gearbox to realize quick response and effectively improve operation efficiency and machine reliability.
●Six-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged engine with low oil consumption and high quality has good power performance, high efficiency and large torque reserve.
●Wide comfortable cab with damping material and sound insulation design can significantly reduce noise, realize wide view field, reduce operation fatigue and improve operation efficiency & safety.
●Pallet fork made of integrated quenched blade plate has high strength and strong wear resistance.
●FOPS&ROPS cab reasonably conforms to ergonomic operation arrangement, and is configured with pilot operation system to realize easier driving and more convenient operation.



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