Markrting Service
ADD:Andong Industrial Zone, Jinjiang, Fujian, China.
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Service In Time

Completion will form a perfect After sales network with service companies all over the country, equipped with sufficient After sales vehicles, and establish a team of more than 100 maintenance service engineers to ensure the fastest speed and best way to rush to the scene for users. Win time and create benefits.
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Completed in the country, there are a number of overseas offices, franchised stores and product distributors. There are nearly 100 marketing outlets across the country, and a complete and systematic service network has been established.
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Technical Services

Completed in the country, there are 26 overseas offices, a number of completed franchise stores and product distributors, with nearly 100 marketing outlets throughout the country, and established a complete and systematic service network. Relying on advanced ISOTO, call center, GPS and other information management systems, and perfect training system, we will achieve the service goal of “customer-centered, implementation of timeout and value-added services”.
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